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Gear4music has a wide range of orchestral musical instruments including Violins, Saxophones and Flutes, trumpets and trombones as well as Double Basses and xylophones.

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Types of Clarinet

There are four main types of clarinet, Bb (or B-flat), soprano, alto and bass. The Bb is the most commonly played of the three and is perhaps the one that most quickly springs to mind when the word clarinet is mentioned. It is generally viewed as being a good place for people to start when learning the clarinet, with its size suitable for beginners. Once a person has mastered how to play one type of clarinet, it is generally relatively easy to learn how to play one of its sister instruments.

Types of Trumpet

They each vary in shape, length and bore size, and they all have their own distinctive and easily distinguishable sounds. For example, cornets are known to offer a much thicker, richer and mellower sound than other types of trumpet, many of which offer greater sharpness and brilliance.

Another factor to consider is the buyer's experience, as a flugelhorn for instance could be better suited to more advanced musicians. Looking at the specifications of different trumpets, for example bore size, could help students or younger players decide which one is best suited to their needs.

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